Friday, May 31, 2013

Kylie with some of the children

Kylie is from Australia, she is a speech therapist, and what an impact she has made on our children in the 3 months that she was here.  Thank you Kylie for all your hard work and the love that you gave our children!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Saying goodbye to these two amazing ladies was hard!!!

These two ladies were a pleasure to work with, they loved the children and our staff and  were always willing to go the extra mile with whatever task they were given!

Sisi (Zimbabwe / Australia) volunteered for a year.

 Sisi with the children from 78 house

Sisi with Mama Rosemary!

Lyndsey (USA) volunteered for three months.

Ladies it was a privilege and honour to work with you!

Friday, April 19, 2013

 Mama Barbara came to visit!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting ready for High school!!!

I can’t believe that some of our children are going to High School next year!

We are already filling applications forms for high School for 3 of our children, the 2 boys had to write an entrance exam on Tuesday, the boys were quiet overwhelmed, but we had a chat with them and Uncle Tony took them out for supper after the exams.  The school will let us know in a few months’ time if they have been accepted or not and the girl will write the exam tomorrow, we hope and pray that she will do well, if they do get accepted into the schools they will get a full scholarship . 

Friday, February 22, 2013

We have  26 children going to different Schools this year so we were in desperate need for a driver, interviewing the drivers was quite a challenge!  When we interviewed the drivers we were so impressed with them but most of them have code 10 (well if you live in South Africa you will understand that most of the people who have a code 10 can’t drive, don’t ask me how they got their licences J) and when they mentioned that they have a code 10 we knew that they probably can’t drive  but we would interview them anyway,  and part of the interview would be to drive around the block with  Uncle Philly – our driver, would go with them to see if they could drive and there were times when Uncle Philly would walk into the office with his big eyes asking are you sure that these people have a licence? One person even rode our clutch so badly that after the interview we had to take our car for a service J. Ooh.. what fun!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Last week when I went to Church, the pastor said that God uses every experience for good whether good or bad and that is so true for us,  Mama Vivian is one of these people. Because Mama Viv had the experience of cooking and feeding a large family, the Lord equipped her to teach the ladies how to cook. The Lord had a plan for Mama Viv, and teaching the ladies new ideas for meals was part of that plan.  The children have been flagged as being at risk for high cholesterol and we have to change their whole eating plan, we know it’s going to be an uphill battle but the ladies are determined to learn and help the children.  When we told the children that we are changing their eating plan they were not happy and we had to explain this was for their own good.  So from now on it will be salads and veggies and not lots of sweets L.

Viv teaching the ladies how to make healthy meal, they all loved it, now we have to wait and see if the children like it tooJ.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

As we start the New Year, we hope and pray that the Lord will bless you. 
Lambano celebrated their New Year with many things to be greatful for.  We now have a new car that we’ve been praying for a long timeJ

Henk in Santiago

Henk walked from Hangedijk in the Netherlands to Santiago del Compastillion in Spain, this took him 3 months (63200 km) he walked for 6 days and rested for a day. He collected 60% of the money and the other part of the funds was raised by Aty’s Church (Aty is one of our long term supporters from the Netherlands),  Dansschool Marga and Foundation Alle Beetje from the Netherlands.  Jack and his family from the Netherlands came to hand over the car.

 Suprise for Lyn

Jack and Lyn

Our new car

School starts

Wednesday was back to School and 15 of our children started at a new school, they were nervous, but when they came back from School they said they enjoyed themselves. 

She started Grade 1, I sat with her for an hour and when I left her, she nearly cried but the teacher was a nice lady that took her and told her she will be fine. When she came back from School, she was excited and said Auntie Martha! I have new friends and my teacher is really nice.